Midlands Adventures

Midlands Adventures

After an evening of laughter and talking, we retired to sleep in the trees. Each to their own little house for a night among the owls. Awoken by the birds and sun the fun had only just begun. The travellers set out for a day of experience that did not disappoint. In the cars, they jumped readly as could be, the Midlands awaited with much to see. Along the mountains, they drove astounded by the view, singing along to songs not so present.

Our first stop was to a coffee shop called Terbodore, their branding is great danes which of course made me happy. They had the most gentle giant strengthed out on the floor sleeping peacefully.  We got our take away coffees, some of the best coffee i had ever tasted, and on with the venture we went.




The next stop involved a little shoe shopping. A leather shop with lovely leather shoes.



Some more shop viewing was to be done so on to Pigly Wiggly we wiggled our way. A place with lots of little shops, a play area for the kids and a train for the kids to enjoy.




By lunchtime the travellers were ready to eat. Off to a mountaintop blueberry restaurant, we went. The entrance had hanging flower pots and many different flowers to welcome you. We had the most amazing lunch, the food was stunning and the view was great.








The bathrooms were the best, they looked out onto the fields so one could go to the loo and watch the cows graze.



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