Bee Natural loving

Bee Natural loving

Something I have learnt is that just because one product is bad doesn’t mean they all are.

Here is the link to their site if you want to do some shopping or just check it out Bee Natural

My experience with the Bee Natural Facial Scrub was not very pleasant but that did not stop me from trying two of their other products. Two products that I have found to be great and totally worth it.


Bee Natural 100% natural luxurious cleansing balm is a product rich with anti-oxidants and vitamins. This product is made to help with the removal of makeup and dirt, specially made to help with mascara. The ingredients are essential oils, honey, avocado and many other lovely natural things. This cleanser is R85.00 on the faithful to nature site.

Cleansing Balm-228x228

The second product is the Bee Natural ultimate 100% pure nature rich rehydrating face balm. This is a face balm that is suitable for all skin types and does not contain any toxins or fragrances. The face balm is R219.00 on the Faithful to nature site.




Both products are in very simple packaging, nothing fancy at all. The cleanser is in a bottle with a sticker on it and the balm is in a tub with a sticker on it. There is nothing special about the packaging but its simplicity suits the brand’s motto of being natural. The packaging works well for the products, the cleanser is easy to get out and so is the balm.


The product


First lets look at the cleanser, a honey yellow rather thick consistency that has the power to remove so much from the skin. This product has really wowed me, the amount of makeup and dirt it gets off the skin is amazing. I will use it after I have taken my makeup off and it still is able to take off more makeup. This product is very pleasant on the skin and smooth. I feel that one does not have to apply a lot of pressure to the skin when using this product.


The face balm is something I wasn’t sure about in the beginning. I have rather oily skin in summer and was worried that this product would make my skin even more oily. It is a rather heavy product and it does take some time to absorb into the skin. I would not recommend it as a day time moisturizer. I have used it a few times at night and when I go to bed can still feel the product on my face but by the time I wake up most of it as sank into my skin. I have been impressed that has not made my skin feel more oily and how smooth my skin feels after using it. One thing about the balm that one needs to keep in mind, a very little goes a very long way.


Would I recommend these products?

I would defiantly say that one should give these a shot. I have been very impressed by them. I would day that they are great value for money and work very well on the skin.



Please note that the pictures are not my own as I got some product from a friend and used it to test the product out. The pictures come from the Bee Natural site.

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