Laneige Water Bank trial kit review

Laneige Water Bank trial kit review

An Asian cult skincare range put to the South African test

 My cousin has been travelling to Hong Kong for work a lot and his girlfriend decided to try a cult skincare product. However by the time it got here she was over it and kind enough to pass it on to me to try. I love to try new things and the idea of testing something loved in Asia makes me very excited.


About Laneige

A company about using water to address skin issues, “Hydro Ionized Mineral Water offers quicker and deeper absorption for better overall moisturization”



The Water Bank Products

I have got the Water Bank Eye Gel, Water Bank Gel Cream and the Water Bank Essence Ex.

The Water Bank Eye Gel is a cooling eye gel to help with tired looking skin, targets dry skin and helps protect from nature. Using natural moisturising agents which are found in the skin as well this product is fast absorbing and light weight on the skin. This product retails for 36 dollars for 25 ml, that being R454.00 for 25ml making this a rather luxury product



The Water Bank Gel Cream is a non oily cream made for normal to combination skin types. “The six hydrating ionized minerals—zinc, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and manganese—in Hydro Ionized Mineral Water replenish and lock in moisture.” This light weight product is perfect for hot temperatures and oily skin. This retails for 35 dollars for 50 ml making that R440.00 for 50ml


The Water Bank Essence EX is designed to add extra moisture to the skin and help the skin look silky. This retails for 36 dollars for 60ml making it R454.oo for 60ml.



My feelings about these products


The Water Bank Eye Gel I have rather mixed feelings about this product. The positives are that it applies very nicely to the under eye, a little goes a long way and it is cooling. My only issue which I am not sure is a real issue is that it makes my under eye skin tingle. It doesn’t turn the skin red or anything like that, it just doesn’t feel very comfortable.


The Water Bank Gel Cream  I have been loving this as a cream. It is so light weight and works very well for my oily t zone. I also find that a little goes a long way which makes me think that price wise it is worth it.



The Water Bank Essence EX  this one I am a little lost with. Due to everything being in Japanese writing I am not sure what to use it for. From reading their site I understand that it is like a face cream as well. I do however enjoy this product as it really makes my skin feel so full of moisture. But I do feel that it might be too light to wear as a face cream, I just feel like I need a little more to complete my routine.

2 thoughts on “Laneige Water Bank trial kit review

  1. The essence you would layer under your moisturiser for more hydration! I agree with Laneige being more luxury and I wouldn’t personally pay so much for their products. I like their Lip Sleeping Mask, though. X


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