The Victorian Garden

The Victorian Garden

The Victorian Garden is a natural and organic skincare brand. The brand also takes care of the environment by using packaging that is recyclable and won’t lead to any environmental harm.


I was given some of The Victorian Garden tea tree and lavender day cream and I have been very impressed with the product. The product, and brand, do not test on animals which make me love it more. Reading the ingredients one can tell that they use a lot of natural based products and oils. The product retails for R125.00 on the faithful to nature site.

The packaging

The packaging of this product is very simple, a basic white bottle with the writing on it. It is not the most eye-catching packaging but it is recyclable and the product is not a high-end product so it doesn’t need some fancy packaging.

The product

The actual product is a total win in my mind. It has a smell that to me reminds me of my granny, that old flower kind of smell. It isn’t too strong which is great. I love how easily this product sank into my skin and made my skin feel very fresh and ready for the day. I have also been impressed with the fact that so little can go a really far way.


Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would. It isn’t some miracle cream that will fix all your problems but it is a great simple cream. If you have oily skin then this will work for you.

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