January blog roundup

January blog roundup

2018 is here and I have found a few lovely blogs that are worth your time. I promise


I honestly was not aware of how many amazing bloggers there are in the world. I feel so grateful to have gotten to add these blogs to my monthly reads. Some are small bloggers and some are “famous” but at the end, I feel that they are all just as great


Beth from Beth Sandland is a UK blogger who has such great style. Her photos are always done in a stunning matter and the material is written in a manner easy to read. I also find she shows enough of her personal life to make her relatable and feel more human. http://bethsandland.co.uk

Screenshot 2017-12-25 19.07.27

Megan Smith is a fellow South African blogger that started around the same time as me. Megans blog is Perilously Pale, a gorgeous blog about beauty. I have loved to see where she is going to her blog and it is so nice to see someone from South Africa do so well. Her reviews are so helpful.  http://perilouslypale.co.za

Screenshot 2017-12-25 19.10.30

Kim who writes Love Cloth is a woman I admire. She writes about so much and every post gives me envy. I love the way she writes and I love her taste in; travel, fashion, beauty and life. She has made her hobby her life and job and this really inspires me to work hard. http://lovecloth.co.uk

Screenshot 2017-12-25 19.13.27

Racheal has a blog called Imperfectly Racheal. I love the name because it makes me feel like she is human. Her travel posts give me ideas of how and where I want to go. The beauty posts make me want to try new things. She really gives me such life inspiration. http://www.imperfectlyrachel.com/search/label/travel

Screenshot 2017-12-25 19.16.03

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