High end primer vs drug store primer..

High end primer vs drug store primer..

I love watching people compare a drugstore product to a high end product that I thought I will have to do this for myself.


Honestly I am a little disappointed by the whole experience, there was no wow moment and in the end it was just another day wearing primer. I compared the Benefit POREfessional Primer to the L’Oreal Infallilable one as I have read that the L’Oreal one is a dupe for the Benefit one.  I have used each primer for a bit and have already come to my own feelings about each. I thought it would be fun to really test them side by side.

One morning I split my face in half and went high end primer on one side and drugstore on the other. Every other product I used was the same and I used the same applicators on  each side.

When applying the primer they felt the same on both sides and my skin looked the same after they had been applied. I then went to do foundation where I used my Maybelline FitMe, which I am obsessed with and used a beauty blender to apply it. Both sides applied nicely, nothing too special. When looking closely at my foundation both sides looked the same, both were smooth and my pores were nicely covered.

By the end of the day, I didn’t notice any difference on each side. Both latest the day and felt the same. My concealer looked the same, I actually found the side with the Benefit primer was less covered, one could see my dark circles more on that side than the other.

In all I think these primers are almost exactly the same, no one was able to say which side was high end and which was drugstore. If I hadn’t been the one to do it I wouldn’t have been able to say.

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