Reasons I don’t like February

Reasons I don’t like February


The first of February is here and welcoming us to a new month. A new month is exciting I agree, it is a chance to set new goals and start over in many ways. People feel that with a new month they can start some new goals and not worry about the ones they did not really reach in January.  This is a positive and something exciting but at the end of the day, I still don’t really like February.

There are a few reasons I am not the biggest fan of this month, first be the heat. It is rather hot here in the sunny South Africa during the month of February. I am not the best person in hot weather, it makes me grumpy. I also hate to sweat, I know weird thing isn’t it.

The second reason is the month feels strange being 27 or 28 days long. I feel like this just throws me off balance with the bigger scheme of the year. Before I know it March has arrived and I always feel shocked.

My last reason why I dislike February is valentines day. Now I have nothing against love and all that romantic stuff, however, I do have something against it being used to make money. The 14th of February is a day used to make companies extra income, they oversell the idea of love and what it should be. I personally would rather get flowers on a random day than on a day where one feels they have to show they love you. Why put so much unnecessary pressure on a relationship, I really think that this “holiday” leads to more problems then happiness. The single girls get sad, the girls with men who forget about the day get angry and feel they aren’t loved. Why do we do this too ourselves?


Are you looking forward to the month of February?

10 thoughts on “Reasons I don’t like February

  1. I definitely agree with you. I don’t like Feb because it kinda throws me off. I don’t know why. However, companies overreact this whole Valentine’s Day thing. It makes me not want to celebrate it. I mean you can show love and support to anyone throughout the year.

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  2. The only reason I hate February is Valentine’s Day. I loathe it with a passion and I totally agree with what you’re writing about it in this post.


  3. I love February but I’m a little bias because it’s my birthday month lol but I totally agree with you on Valentines day. My boyfriend and I celebrated it like once years and years ago but now we don’t tbh because we love and celebrate each other everyday, so we don’t need Feb 14th to do that.

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