Sunday review: mini lipgloss

Sunday review: mini lipgloss

It is after New Years and I’m wondering around the mall when I see Dischem has a sales tables. My heart stops, the adrenaline leaves go through the roof, a sale table hell yeah.

I found a little mini essence lipgloss set which was a little box with three little lipglosses in it. It is so darn cute i just had to buy it and it only cost me R30.00.




The packaging is adorable and so pretty. The size is not practical as it will end up getting lost in my handbag or in my room. But it is nice to try a colour without buying the actual size.  The applicator is also small and adorable which got me all butterflies in the tummy like. I love cute little versions of things. It also applies the product really nicely.

The product



I am not really a shiny lipgloss person as i don’t really like that sticky feeling on my lips. This has that sticky feeling like when i open my mouth it is going to look like i have a spider web between my lips. I do however think that they do show a nice pigment of the colour, they don’t suit me but they will work with someone. I will say that they are not drying and do last for some time, this i was rather impressed by.

At the end of the day i don’t regret buying this because it was on a sale and i find them too adorable not to have. I will say that i would not buy it on full price just because i am not a lipgloss kinda girl

14 thoughts on “Sunday review: mini lipgloss

  1. I wanted to buy these lip glosses but I talked myself out of the purchase. Now I regret it. They look awesome. Thanks for posting.


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