Having any kind of illness let it be mental or physical can make taking care of oneself hard. I remember the days when I would not wash my face because it was too much work. I also never felt I was worthy of being taken care of even by myself. I think the worst was when I did not wash my hair for about three weeks when I was in university because I just did not care at all.

Taking care of yourself is so important and it can really make you feel better about life, the world and yourself. It is the small things that you need to focus on, not the big because that will just bring you down when you don’t achieve it.

If you are lying in bed right now and don’t feel like getting up and showering, don’t. Just get up and brush your teeth, if you do this you have taken one great step forward. If you know you should be going to the gym but don’t have the energy, don’t go. Instead just have that shower that seems like so much work. Do the smaller things, by doing these smaller things that feel like mountains you will feel much better because you have climbed a mountain and achieved.


During my really bad times, I would make a checklist. I would write the things I needed to do and then write the days next to it. I would create a graph sort of thing, then each day when I did the thing I was meant to do I would put a tick there. It made me feel really good to see all those ticks at the end of a week. This also gave me the motivation to do the next week. I have attached one for you to try and see if it helps you a little. Click on the task word and it will take you to the checklist.


Here is a list of the simple self-care things that you can do and do not ever feel bad if you cant do them

  1. Brush teeth
  2. Brush your hair
  3. Wash your face
  4. Shower
  5. Eat breakfast, lunch or dinner
  6. Move from the bed to the couch
  7. Call a friend or family member that understands
  8. Write down how you feel
  9. Read a book
  10. Listen to your favourite music
  11. Put hand cream on
  12. Make the bed
  13. Go outside
  14. Make some tea or coffee


I am thinking of every one of you and wish you the best. Know you are not alone and you are stronger than you realize.

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