Pomegranate mask

Pomegranate mask

I got a mask from the brand The Saem which is a brand i have been sample testing. I was amazed by the egg and baking powder foam and i have to say i am rather amazed by the mask too.

This is a Natural Pomegranate Mask Sheet which is filled with vegetable oils that are meant to help add moisture to the skin.  The mask is so simple, just put it on and leave for 20 – 25 minutes and then massage in the left of serum on your face.


I enjoyed the mask and found it very cooling on my face. I wore it for 25 minutes and found that it made my face feel so smooth. I found it to be a rather strange experience as i dont really do sheet masks. When i opened the mask and took it out there was so much liquid. It was running down my next, i just thought disaster. When i took the mask off it was basically dry and even though it felt like my skin had a whole lot of liquid on it it was actually dry, in the way when one has just put face cream on dry.


I was super impressed by this masks. The next day my skin still felt lovely and soft.

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