Valentines for one?

Valentines for one?

I dont like valentines day as you probably already know. But i will not ignore the fact that it is a holiday. Not everyone has a partner to spend the day with. I am single and I do not love or hate valentines day. We are so willing to love others on this day why do we not spend the day loving ourselves.

Here a few ideas to do if you are alone this valentines day and decide to show yourself some love.

  • A bath with some candles and bubbles, this is always so relaxing and makes me spend some time alone and with me.dec1a6394407f699f795187bc6d18581.jpg
  • Put on your favourite PJs that are comfy but also make you feel pretty. Sometimes we wear old tops and PJs with holes. Try to get a new pretty pair this will make yourself feel more loved.
  • Make your favourite dinner if you love to cook. If you do not love cooking order your favourite meal.
  • Watch your favourite show or movie. If you do not have one here are some ideas that always make me laugh and even better they show women empowerment.
    • Legally Blonde
    • The devil wears Prada
    • Clueless
    • White Chicks 8eeec9e3fb4535c343f5f574676f171fb38cd34b23ababeeffe32767c387a23f
  • Have a glass of wine of that is what you like.

Take the evening to treat yourself and do some simple little things that make you happy.


These pictures are not mine. Please note that they are from Pinterest and are only used to display ideas.

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