Would I buy it again?

Would I buy it again?

Another Dischem last minute sale item that I could not help but buy.

fullsizeoutput_1909I have been trying out this Essence get picture ready brightening concealer for about a month. I can not decide if i love it, hate it or it is just okay.


The overall look of this product is rather pretty and neat. I enjoyed how simple it was and easy to know which product it is. I also found that the concealer squeezed out rather nicely. The applicator was a sponge on the end of the tube which was really easy to use and soft on the skin.



The product

I can not decide if I love it, hate it or just find it okay. I found the shade to be very pink in its undertone. I found that it did not cover up my under eye designer bags very well and my red spots also were still very visible. I also found that my powder did not sit well on this product. If I did a light brushing it was okay but one would not be able to bake over it.


I can not say that I would recommend this or that I would buy it again.

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