A South African scrub

For Christmas my mother got me sugar scrub from a brand called Amz Loves by Jenam. I was so excited to find out that this is a South African brand becasue I love supporting products from “home.” I enjoyed reading the story behind the brand and hearing about a South African brand succeed, it makes me feel that there is still hope for our country.

When I first opened this sugar scrub I was blown away by the smell, it is so realistic and tasty smelling. My scrub is the Rocky Road one and well I can honestly say it is worth the buy. I know one can get them at Dischem if you want to treat yourself  or someone you love.

The scrub is very soft on the skin, one can gentle rub the scrub on the skin and feel it work away the dead skin. I was impressed by how soft my skin felt after my bath. When I first used it I was worried it would be too soft and not affective enough but it really does the job. I have been amazed by how a little goes a long way.

Over all I have really enjoyed this scrub, the only issue I have is I find myself spending a lot of time smelling the scrub rather than using it.

If you are keen to know more about the brand here is  a link to their site Amz Love

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