Week 1: The start to a healthy life

After dealing with so many mental issues this year, I decided it was time to get physically healthy. It has not been easy but since my electroconvulsive therapy, I feel more motivated. Being depressed and being healthy do not really go together, being suicidal and healthy for sure do not go together. ECT has however changed everything for me, how I handle my depression, my emotions and now I want a future for the first time in years. Wanting a future means being healthy so now it is time for it to happen.

I went to a dietician on Monday, she was really sweet and listened to me. On Thursday I got my meal plan and to be honest it really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I have cut down my red meat intake which works for me because it is an inflammatory source, I’m hoping this will help with my sore joints. I am then upping my vegetable intake which is always good.

The dietician thinks that my intestines are overrun with bad bacteria and toxins. My diet is high in anti-toxins which should help me all around. My immune system is busy fighting the bacteria and toxins in my body that it can not fight any bug from the outside.

The first week has not been terrible but it has not been easy. I have been to gym three times and really pushed myself. I then got sick so I haven’t been this weekend because I did not think it would help my sickness.

Then I am now weighing and measuring what I eat until I get a good idea of what my portions should be. I am eating more chicken which I don’t love. Chicken isn’t my favorite meat but I am committed. Welcome to my new journey and a new path for my blog and Instagram.  My followers (you) have said you want to be apart of this journey and that makes me so happy. I would love to hear how you want to be a part of it. Weekly blogs, vlogs or daily Instagram stories, which do you like most?

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  1. Sophie Wentworth

    April 19, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    Good luck with your health journey! It’s amazing how much impact a healthier body can have on your mind too! Can’t wait to get an update x


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