Deluxe pro palette review

About a month ago I was in Dischem looking for organic shampoos when of course there happened to be a makeup sale. Makeup and skincare sales are my weak point in life. I came across the beauty treats section and saw the deluxe pro palette that just had all my shades in it. It was the perfect Ashton palette and it was only R85.00.

About the brand

Beauty treats is a brand with the aim of providing quality at a good price. Their products are definitionally well prices.  They speak of trying to read each age group with their packaging and overall products. They do not test on animals.

The Deluxe pro palette

This is a palette that opens up with one side being for the face and the other for the eyes. There are three blushes and three bronzers in very big pans. Then there are 28 eyeshadows that have a mix of matt and shimmer. The palette closes with a magnet and the material the packaging is made of it great a solid.  The palette sells on being blendable and having a range of colors that lead to an endless amount of looks.

My review

First off the blushes are hectic, when using a blush I would recommend using as little product as possible as it does go far and it very pigmented. The eyeshadows are also very pigmented and lovely to work with. There is a rather large amount of fall out but they still have a great color. The shadows are easy to blend out and blend together. The shimmers are not as shimmery as I had hoped, they tend to not show much shimmer when on the eye.

Over all I have really enjoyed using this palette, it isnt the best but for what one pays it is great.

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  1. Michelle Gurrola Burks

    September 2, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Lovely review!! I haven’t been much for eyeshadows but I may have to check this one out!! Thanks for sharing!

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