Natur Vital hair care

Finding a eco friendly vegan shampoo and conditioner has not been the easiest challenge. About a month ago I spent some time in Dischem and found a brand that sounded perfect. I have been so impressed with Natur Vital and would buy their products again.

About the brand and hair care

The brand is all about respecting nature and using non harsh chemicals. It is a UK brand that is made is Spain but one can buy it at Dischem or get their products shipped here.  They have a hair loss range, a hair color range, normal hair care and sensitive hair care. There is also a body range which I am yet to try.

Link to the brand – NaturVital

Natur Vital Shampoo oily hair

This shampoo contains lime which helps with rebalancing and purifying the hair. This product is free from colourances, parabens and silicones. This shampoo is designed for sensitive sculpts and can be used daily if needed.  I have adored this product, it has helped me so much with my oily hair and has made my sculpt so much. I find it such a lovely product to use and it has made such a difference to my hair care routine. My hair stays clean for longer and it makes my hair feel great. This product is about R80.00  for 300ml which really isn’t bad.


Natur Vital Conditioner

Finding a conditioner that can deal with my curly hair that often ends up in a nest has been the biggest challenge. I am beyond excited to use this conditioner because it is amazing. This is a sage moisturizer that adds shine to the hair. After washing my hair I put in the conditioner and leave it in for a minute or two and then brush it. I find it so easy to brush through my hair. It is than easy to rinse out and leaves my hair feeling amazing.  Again this is around R80.00 for 300ml.


I am inlove with this brand and these products. I would recommend them to every one. These have both lasted me about a month washing my hair every second to third day.

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