Revolution has arrived

Late last year I had the joyful experience of finding Revolution makeup in my local Clicks , drugstore. I was so excited as this had been a brand I had seen many Youtubers test. I of course bought more than one product and here are my thoughts on them.

About Revolution

To begin with they are a British company that has been going for over 28 years now. They aim to produce high quality makeup at an affordable price and this I think they have done. They are a cruelty-free brand ( whoop whoop) and a huge amount of their products are vegan.

Revolution Foundation base stick

This is called a fast base stick as it is meant to make applying foundation faster. I can see where they are going with this and yes it does get on the skin faster but blending it still takes some time. I have found that it is a rather thick formula that needs to be blended out very well or else you look patchy. I do however enjoy this foundation for a more covered and glam look. If I want my skin to look more flawless then I will use this. It costs R109.95 at Clicks and I would recommend it, however I wouldnt say it is my favourite drug store foundation.

Revolution conceal and define concealer

Now this is a product I love. I find that it really lightens my under eyes and gives my face a lovely awake look. I enjoy the thick formula as I feel it covers my spots well. I love that it applicator is big as I find this makes applying the concealer faster and easier. This one will cost you R104.95 at Clicks and I would really recommend you check it out.

Revolution Highlighter Peach Light

I am sad to say that I find this highlighter to not be doing much highlighting. It is very pretty and when one runs their finger over it seems to really shine. However I find that on the face it does very little. I am not sure I would get another one. I think that there are already so many great drugstore highlighters that one can get and this is just not one of them. It is R89.95 from Clicks which isntĀ a bad price I just dont feel it is worth it.

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