L’Oreal infallible pro matte foundation

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What I have to say

L’Oreal come out with a range of infallible foundations and personally I am loving them all. I tested this one and have to admit I am impressed. I have tried it a few times but this time I really put it to the test and I am liking.


  • it applies easily
  • the colour match was pretty good
  • it lasted a good nine hours without getting oily or separating
  • builds up really well
  • feels light weight on the skin


I am not sure I have cons, it is not high coverage so for some that might be a con. I do not like the packaging that I can say however that doesn’t relate to the actually product.

What L’Oreal say

L’Oreal talk about this as being a matt finish that is light on the skin, a creamy formula that goes on the skin smoothly, lasts up to 24 hours and hides blemishes. Now I personally don’t think it hides blemishes that well, if you build it up you get better coverage, maybe it is just because my skin is so bad right now.

Would I recommend it

Yes I totally would, it is a nice light foundation that wears so well. I would use it when my skin is looking better and when I want a more natural look. It is a thumbs up on this one from me.

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