Would I buy it again?

Would I buy it again?

Another Dischem last minute sale item that I could not help but buy.

fullsizeoutput_1909I have been trying out this Essence get picture ready brightening concealer for about a month. I can not decide if i love it, hate it or it is just okay.


The overall look of this product is rather pretty and neat. I enjoyed how simple it was and easy to know which product it is. I also found that the concealer squeezed out rather nicely. The applicator was a sponge on the end of the tube which was really easy to use and soft on the skin.



The product

I can not decide if I love it, hate it or just find it okay. I found the shade to be very pink in its undertone. I found that it did not cover up my under eye designer bags very well and my red spots also were still very visible. I also found that my powder did not sit well on this product. If I did a light brushing it was okay but one would not be able to bake over it.


I can not say that I would recommend this or that I would buy it again.

Pomegranate mask

Pomegranate mask

I got a mask from the brand The Saem which is a brand i have been sample testing. I was amazed by the egg and baking powder foam and i have to say i am rather amazed by the mask too.

This is a Natural Pomegranate Mask Sheet which is filled with vegetable oils that are meant to help add moisture to the skin.  The mask is so simple, just put it on and leave for 20 – 25 minutes and then massage in the left of serum on your face.


I enjoyed the mask and found it very cooling on my face. I wore it for 25 minutes and found that it made my face feel so smooth. I found it to be a rather strange experience as i dont really do sheet masks. When i opened the mask and took it out there was so much liquid. It was running down my next, i just thought disaster. When i took the mask off it was basically dry and even though it felt like my skin had a whole lot of liquid on it it was actually dry, in the way when one has just put face cream on dry.


I was super impressed by this masks. The next day my skin still felt lovely and soft.

Sunday review: mini lipgloss

Sunday review: mini lipgloss

It is after New Years and I’m wondering around the mall when I see Dischem has a sales tables. My heart stops, the adrenaline leaves go through the roof, a sale table hell yeah.

I found a little mini essence lipgloss set which was a little box with three little lipglosses in it. It is so darn cute i just had to buy it and it only cost me R30.00.




The packaging is adorable and so pretty. The size is not practical as it will end up getting lost in my handbag or in my room. But it is nice to try a colour without buying the actual size.  The applicator is also small and adorable which got me all butterflies in the tummy like. I love cute little versions of things. It also applies the product really nicely.

The product



I am not really a shiny lipgloss person as i don’t really like that sticky feeling on my lips. This has that sticky feeling like when i open my mouth it is going to look like i have a spider web between my lips. I do however think that they do show a nice pigment of the colour, they don’t suit me but they will work with someone. I will say that they are not drying and do last for some time, this i was rather impressed by.

At the end of the day i don’t regret buying this because it was on a sale and i find them too adorable not to have. I will say that i would not buy it on full price just because i am not a lipgloss kinda girl

High end primer vs drug store primer..

High end primer vs drug store primer..

I love watching people compare a drugstore product to a high end product that I thought I will have to do this for myself.


Honestly I am a little disappointed by the whole experience, there was no wow moment and in the end it was just another day wearing primer. I compared the Benefit POREfessional Primer to the L’Oreal Infallilable one as I have read that the L’Oreal one is a dupe for the Benefit one.  I have used each primer for a bit and have already come to my own feelings about each. I thought it would be fun to really test them side by side.

One morning I split my face in half and went high end primer on one side and drugstore on the other. Every other product I used was the same and I used the same applicators on  each side.

When applying the primer they felt the same on both sides and my skin looked the same after they had been applied. I then went to do foundation where I used my Maybelline FitMe, which I am obsessed with and used a beauty blender to apply it. Both sides applied nicely, nothing too special. When looking closely at my foundation both sides looked the same, both were smooth and my pores were nicely covered.

By the end of the day, I didn’t notice any difference on each side. Both latest the day and felt the same. My concealer looked the same, I actually found the side with the Benefit primer was less covered, one could see my dark circles more on that side than the other.

In all I think these primers are almost exactly the same, no one was able to say which side was high end and which was drugstore. If I hadn’t been the one to do it I wouldn’t have been able to say.

Fun with colour

Fun with colour

I got a really fun eyeshadow palette to play with from a close friend. There were so many colours that it took me some time to actually decide what to try.

I was impressed by the amount of eye shadows there were in the palette and the amazing range. It was a very colourful palette which is not my normal go to thing, i like my more nudes and brown colours. I did however have fun playing with some colour for a change.

I was amazed by the lack of fallout from the palette, it made working with the colours really great. I will say that the colours were not as pigmented on my eyes as i would have liked, they looked a little washed out which was not great. I also did not find the shadows easy to blend, it took a rather long time.

I did my one eye pink and the other blue because i could not decide what colour i felt like going with.

The Victorian Garden

The Victorian Garden

The Victorian Garden is a natural and organic skincare brand. The brand also takes care of the environment by using packaging that is recyclable and won’t lead to any environmental harm.


I was given some of The Victorian Garden tea tree and lavender day cream and I have been very impressed with the product. The product, and brand, do not test on animals which make me love it more. Reading the ingredients one can tell that they use a lot of natural based products and oils. The product retails for R125.00 on the faithful to nature site.

The packaging

The packaging of this product is very simple, a basic white bottle with the writing on it. It is not the most eye-catching packaging but it is recyclable and the product is not a high-end product so it doesn’t need some fancy packaging.

The product

The actual product is a total win in my mind. It has a smell that to me reminds me of my granny, that old flower kind of smell. It isn’t too strong which is great. I love how easily this product sank into my skin and made my skin feel very fresh and ready for the day. I have also been impressed with the fact that so little can go a really far way.


Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would. It isn’t some miracle cream that will fix all your problems but it is a great simple cream. If you have oily skin then this will work for you.

A product that WOWed me

A product that WOWed me

Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.34.37

A few days ago I was cleaning out some things in my room and found a little sample packet with a cleansing foam. All the writing was in Japanese i guess so i had no clue how i was meant to use it. Anyway there i go using this foam cleanser and OMG it was beyond amazing.

It was an egg white and baking powder foam that just felt so amazing as i massaged it on to my skin.  When i washed off my skin i promise you my pores looked so much cleaner and my skin shined. I figured out the name and have been reading on their site and thought i would share a little information about them with you.

The brand is called THE SAEM and is a brand the is inspired by nature. This means that all the ingredients that go into their products are natural.  From what i understand from the site it is a brand that is loved by Koreans. The brand was established in 2010 and from there has done extremely well globally

The brand offers many different options from skincare to makeup to sun protection.

Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.35.25

This is the product that i tested and found amazing.

Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.37.43